Summer and Fall 2023 Reinstatement Petition

ESP 2023


  1. Students who miss the Academic/Progress Reinstatement Petition deadline will not be allowed to enroll for a period of TWO semesters (Fall/Spring) and will need to complete a petition to be reinstated.
  2. Students must continue to complete an Academic/Progress Reinstatement Petition until college standards have been met (Hartnell Catalog 22-23, pg. 35).
  3. If you need assistance with the Reinstatement Petition please email us at For quicker assistance please include your student ID number in the email.
  4.  Administrative Policy/Board Policy 

BP4250,AP4250, AP4255
Hartnell College Catalog




Reinstatement Petition Requirements

  1. Students MUST have an updated educational plan for the semester they are planning to reinstate.
  2. If you need to update your ED-Plan Join our Counseling Virtual Desk  
  3. Have access to your Hartnell Student email by logging into your student DUO Account
  4. Submit the Electronic Reinstatement Petition by the set deadline.

The Summer/Fall Reinstatement Petition must be complete before the set deadline of April 19, 2023, for additional support email us to

Summer and Fall 2023
↓ Electronic Reinstatement Petition


Who To Contact

  • Do you have questions? 
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    Building: 411 Central Ave, Salinas Ca 93901
    Office: B-228
    Building B